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If you’ve walked through Plaza Francia in Recoleta in the last few days you might have noticed the usually demurely painted Cultural Center has turned an outrageous shade of forest green, for one summer only. Why, is the question you might be asking?

This year, the Recoleta Cultural Center has gone all out to provide a specially curated series of events and activities to bring us the “Amor de Verano” festival or, as we call it in English, “summer love”. With free entry and no need to book, events will last until February 28th, which gives you plenty of time to sample a bit of everything that’s going on.

Going back to the mural, the idea apparently, was to integrate the Centre into the surrounding plaza to create an immersive experience for the visitor and push the scale of the illustrations to the limit.

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The art is designed by muralist Sebastián Curi and his vibrantly coloured floor to ceiling murals continue in Room 6, now currently named the room of hugs (maybe you get a giant hug when you enter? Who knows). The whole series of events is full of the unexpected so expect the unordinary. The room of hugs is available to be visited from Tuesday until Friday 1:30 PM until 10 PM, with weekends and bank holidays opening at 11:30 AM.

Unsurprisingly events take a romantic turn every Wednesday (it is called Summer Love after all). From 7:30 PM turn up to hear actors improvising some of the most famous love letters of all time. Expect to listen to love letters from Freud amongst other great thinkers read out loud.

Live improvisations of love letters are happening. Photo via
Live improvisations of love letters are happening. Photo via


If you go inside the Center to the Patio de la Fuente on the 20th and 21st (this weekend) you can listen to readings of erotic literature,which are described as suitable for adults and adulterers only. There will also be a comic fair displaying erotic and romantic comics.

Head to Plaza Francia on a Thursday for an open air dance party dubbed por el amor del baile – for the love of dance. Live DJs will be hosting from 7 PM until around midnight. Perfect for if you’re tired of having to stay up the best part of all night for just a couple of hours in a boliche (club).

For those who are less than night owls. Photo via
For those who are less than night owls. Photo via


If dancing is something you’d rather leave to the professionals, you can pop in on Saturday afternoons from 5 PM to see hip-hop dancers bust some moves. Feel free to join in if that’s your thing.

We'd like to see you try this. Photo via
We’d like to see you try this. Photo via


Summer is the season of open-air cinema, and this year there will be 3 classics shown. Kicking off with Coppola’s ‘Lost in Translation’ on January 31st followed by ‘When Harry Met Sally’ on February 14th and finally ‘Punch-Drunk Love’ on February 28th. Each movie will begin at 8:30 PM in Plaza Francia.

For a full program of events, check the schedule here.