Photo via Urgente 24

The Subway’s C line is not operating for the second day in a row due to an impromptu strike from union workers, who are protesting for better work conditions. In contrast, authorities from Metrovías, the company that manages the City’s six subway lines, called the protest “irrational” and criticized the fact that is happening at the same time they are conducting renovation work and track maintenance on the Constitución station.

Workers’ primary demands seems to be for the company to provide a women’s bathroom in the San Juán station, a larger space to work in the same station (currently 40 people have to work in a 5 by 1.5 meter room). Workers are also requesting drinkable water, among other things.

“We didn’t want to get to this, but they treat us like animals and we can’t work like this,” subway workers’ union leader Néstor Segovia told press.

Shortly after the protest began, Metrovías issued a press release criticizing the decision:”it’s important to clarify that the measure is absolutely irrational, because it happened without prior notice and in the context of the [repair] work that is being carried out in Constitución station, which was made known to union representatives more than a month in advance.”

City Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta joined the criticism this morning and said the strike is “unjustified.”

“Everything concerning the [construction and repair] work had been talked about; the project was announced months ago, and from one day to the other, without warning, they start making these claims,” he added.

Once it is up and running again, the C line will provide a limited service between until February 28th as a result of the repair work and construction. Trains heading to Constitución will run between the Retiro and San Juan stations, while the ones heading to Retiro, will depart from Independencia station.

Just like the project that renovated the Retiro subway station a year ago, the scheduled renovation job includes changing and updating the signaling system and the technology used to switch trains from one track to another.