Foto Vía: Clarín

Members of the Metro Workers and Premetro Union Association have announced once again that an impending subway strike is rounding the corner. Starting Thursday, July 27th, workers have confirmed a rotating subway strike is set to take place, lasting two hours a day.

The strike will start Thursday, June 27th and continue through into Tuesday, August 1st. Each subway line will be stopped for two hours daily.

The planned strike

  • Thursday 9 to 11 PM: Lines A and H
  • Monday 9 to 11 PM: Lines E, B and the Premetro
  • Tuesday 5 to 7 AM: Lines D and C

On Thursday, subway lines A and H will cease to function from 9 PM to 11 PM. On Monday, during the same time frame, lines E, B and Premetro will be shut down. Finally, on Tuesday lines D and C will be closed in the early morning, from 5 AM to 7 AM.

With the strikes, the service’s employees are trying to attract attention to their claim for higher salaries. Workers are demanding a 35 percent increment in their wages, a request which was rejected by the employing organization.

The strike will complicate people’s commute to and from work, on the three given dates. So, keep an eye on the clock, and don’t forget to take these alterations into account when calculating traveling time this week and next.