Photo from The Bubble archives.

Great news, people! No need to take a cab or Uber home tomorrow because the much dreaded subte strike has been lifted.

Representatives of the Union of Subte and Premetro Workers (AGTSyP) came before the Under Secretary of Labor yesterday afternoon to demand a salary increase of 35 percent and better working conditions. The meeting happened after days of protest, including a batucada and three openings of the turnstiles, without any response from the government. Amid radio silence from city officials, they had originally announced rotating strikes for Wednesday on lines A and C, Friday on lines E and D, and Monday on lines B and H.

However, once summoned by the Labor Ministry, the metrodelegados lifted the strike they had planned for last night in the subte lines A and C and called off the other strikes for tomorrow and next week.

Though services are now operating normally, union organizers warned that they would reignite protests if the Ministry does not comply with their demands. “We once again affirm our willingness to engage in dialogue,” the AGTSyP said in a statement. “But if we don’t find solutions to our demands, or if they violate the will of our union, we will be forced to immediately resume the measures that were previously announced.”

Looks like commuters are in the clear. For now.