Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it?

But yeah, due to renovation works and starting next Monday, the Subte B Line (AKA “the red one”) will not be in service on Sundays or public holidays until February of 2015.

Turns out that the City Government needs to add 86 (used) new cars to the underground system. The good news is that the cars have factory equipped air conditioning.

The service will also be limited on Saturdays, where trains will remain operational between 6 am and 1 pm.

On weekdays, it will be business as usual in the morning, with stations opening their doors at 6 am. However, they will close at 10 pm, one hour earlier than the other lines.

I know. We’ve been asking for the Subte to offer a 24-hour service during the weekends for years, and yet we have to deal with the opposite.

Sorry guys, but if you are leaving the Luna Park arena in a drunken stupor on a Saturday night and need the B line to take you home, you’re not in luck.

The official Metrovías website has more information, in case you need it.

(Featured photo via Wikipedia)