Photo via Clarín

As an homage to Argentina’s beloved author and poet Jorge Luis Borges, the San Martín C Line Subte station posted a quote, allegedly by the writer, on one of the station’s walls. This honorable installation would’ve been a patriotic commemoration and an artistic addition to the station… had Borges actually written the verse.

Turns out the phrase isn’t his at all. (It does indeed appear in his book El Aleph, but as a citation belonging to someone else).

The verse reads, “Over time you understand that only someone who is capable of loving you with all your faults, without trying to change you, can give you complete happiness.” It’s now been taken down from the Subte wall, but that hasn’t stopped the inevitable and hilarious social media backlash as Argentines take to Twitter to post their own made-up Borges quotes:

“Coke is for Fernet.” Jorge Luis Borges.

This song. Jorge Luis Borges.

“[Football club] River is the greatest and never gives up.” Jorge Luis Borges.

“I’m having such a shit time.” Jorge Luis Borges.

“Once again I’m waiting for this plane to take off… AFA is such a mess, jesus!” Jorge Luis Borges. (Leo Messi snapchatted those words last night.)