If you’re one of the 300,000 Subte B Line commuters, it’s time to pull out plan B again because we’re in the midst of yet another labor strike and trains are down.

The strike started at 5 AM this morning and is expected to last a full 24 hours.

Subte workers union delegate Claudio Dellecarbonara told press Subte employees work 26 days a month and a minimum of six hours per day, the hours they are expected to, but that Metrovías hasn’t been signing their paychecks for all of the days they’ve put in. In addition, because they are not paid by the hour, they say they are left without compensation if they work overtime.

“Line B: Interrupted due to a union protest | Updated 15/06/2016 05:05”

Metrovías has responded to the strike, however, claiming that workers have been refusing to work more than four hours per day.

If the conflict is not resolved promptly it is possible that there will be more interruptions next week and not only for Line B.

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