Get it while it's hot. Photo via WanderBATours.

If you leave your Sube card at home or for some reason don’t own one yet, you will be screwed come May 2nd. The Buenos Aires Subte announced that as of that date it will no longer sell the paper passes that are good for one use. You will have to purchase the magnetized Sube card, which costs AR $25.

No. 25 pesos. via Tumblr.
No. 25 pesos. via Tumblr.

This is part of a broader initiative to streamline and modernize the transit system. According to the press release, “This initiative follows plans implemented in most of the world’s great cities, such as Buenos Aires, where the metro is one of the pillars of urban transport.” ¡Que grandioso!

It’s also an effort to go green.

“The objective is to move to a unified access system that is more efficient and ecological.”

Though passes will no longer be sold starting on May 2nd, previously bought passes will be good until May 31st. Meaning come June 1st you will have to embrace 2016, get your life together and stop using little pieces of paper to ride the Subte.

This has been a public service announcement.