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Transportation Minister Guillermo Dietrich announced yesterday that the Ministry is working on increasing Sube cards’ negative balance — the credit that allows you to continue using your Sube even though you’ve spent all the money you charged on it — from AR $10 to AR $20.

“We are working to increase the Sube card negative balance. It will go to AR $20 [below zero],” confirmed Dietrich speaking to La Once Diez radio, although he did not clarify exactly when the new change would be implemented.

Given that bus fares have already doubled and soon Subte tariffs will increase too, this is pretty good news. Sort of. We have transportation fare hikes to thank for this.

Better news was to follow however as the Transportation Minister affirmed that there would be no further fare hikes in transport fares for the rest of the year (after Subte prices rise from AR $5 to AR $7.50)

“We have ruled out further fare increases on public transportation for the rest of the year,” said Dietrich. “We are going to raise subsidies by 37 percent in 33 of the country’s cities, which will allow us to pay and raise salaries, and afford fuel costs for the rest of the year,” he continued.

New self-service machines coming to a Subte station near you. Photo via La Nación.
New self-service machines coming to a Subte station near you. Photo via La Nación.

The new announcement coincides with the government’s efforts to make the City of Buenos Aires’ transport system more modern and ecologically efficient. Since Monday, ticket offices in Subte stations are no longer selling paper passes; pre-paid Sube cards are now the only forms of accepted payment. To make the system run more smoothly, 250 new self-service Sube charging machines are being installed across stations by the end of July as well as Wifi and five digital libraries.

Meanwhile, for those of you who take the Subte regularly and have noticed a slightly bigger dent in your wallet over the last few months, the government has announced that it will continue to implement a “more journeys, less pay” tariff system. Passengers who take more than 20, 30 and 40 trips each month will be awarded discounts of 20, 30 and 40 percent respectively.