Get it while it's hot. Photo via WanderBATours.

This Wednesday, your Sube card’s negative balance — the amount below AR $0 which you are allowed to spend on public transport fares before having to add credit to your card — will rise to AR $20, nearly doubling the previous negative balance of AR $10.5 which has been in place since 2013.

This follows up on Transportation Minister Guillermo Dietrich announcement earlier this month. If it sounds like a great measure meant to delay the fateful moment you must recharge your card, it’s actually primarily because Subte costs will be rising from AR $4.50 to AR $7.50 in June (so you’ll be running out of that negative credit a whole lot quicker).

At least you can have some peace of mind that there will be no further price rises this year, according to the Transportation Ministry.

It’s been a big year for the Subte: This latest announcement coincides with the government’s efforts to make the City of Buenos Aires’ transport system more modern and ecologically efficient. Ticket offices in Subte stations are no longer selling paper passes; pre-paid Sube cards are now the only forms of accepted payment. To make the system run more smoothly, 250 new self-service Sube charging machines are being installed across stations by the end of July as well as Wifi and five digital libraries.