Getting your hands on a new SUBE just got even easier. SUBE cards can now be purchased right from Retiro, Once and Constitución train stations. In a move that will benefit as many as 300,000 commuters, SUBE cards will be available for AR $25 from ticket offices within these stations between 5am to 9pm.

Once you have your SUBE card — register here — and you will be able check your credit online. Added perk, if you lose your card or get robbed you can (in theory at least) salvage your remaining credit.

The announcement follows on from a raft of modernizing measures introduced last year; allowing you to buy SUBE cards in SUBE stations themselves, installation of 250 SUBE charging machines in stations, topping up your card online (here’s a reminder how), and an increase in the maximum negative balance allowed to AR$20.

This is a very welcome measure from the Ministry of Transport as these train stations see the highest concentration of passengers.