Photo via Martha Cecilia Camacho.

In an astonishing yet somewhat unsurprising investigation into the social media usage of Argentine youths, it turns out that kids these days have between six and 10 social media profiles. Each web page or app is essentially used to meet various social needs, based on research by Findasense, an international consultant on digital media.

It turns out that WhatsApp is the first choice (by a long shot) for social media used upon waking up every day by Argentines. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all follow with relatively the same amount of bright and early usage. And as the chart below suggests, the creators of “Ask” are ruing the day that they took that entrepreneurial risk.

(For the record, “Ask” is a “global social networking site where users create profiles and can send each other questions.”) (No, we don’t know why this is a thing, either.)

Photo via Infobae.
Photo via Infobae.

The rest of the day follows with specific roles for each social media platform because God only knows what would happen if everyone started participating in face-to-face social interactions.

WhatsApp: Totally necessary if one has any ambition of communicating with other human beings. The first and last social medium used every day.

Facebook: The Mecca of social identity as a projection of our personalities and life memories.

Twitter: A catharsis for telling the world everything that we approve/disapprove of – oh and a way to follow the cathartic thoughts of the celebrity products of our sick obsessions.

Photo via Infobae.
Photo via Infobae.

YouTube: The only way to find entertainment in this otherwise dry existence.

Instagram: What enables the youth to be “keepers of time,” in the words of Rafael Fernández Tamames, cofounder of Findasense. The digital archive of edited photographs serves as a collection of memories (with a slightly better filter) that allow for a shared living experience.

Snapchat: Pretty much not a thing in Argentina, with only 12 percent of youths using it.

Photo via Infobae.
Photo via Infobae.

The study looked at 700 candidates from six Latin American countries and Spain. The countries were comparably similar with social media usage. 51 percent of the participants were between the ages of 14 and 16 and 48 percent were between 17 and 19 years of age. Overall, 60 percent of the study were female and 40 percent male. There were 100 individuals used from each country.

Besides getting a sense of the social media favorites, the study suggested something that may not be so far off. This current generation of teenagers lives a part of their lives through a “digital presence.”

And that’s something to be proud of because the current generation has truly created life, which roams the Internet looking for love, like the monster of Dr. Frankenstein (who’s also on Facebook).