If you happen to be an engineer or IT specialist, you’re in luck. If went a different way, fret not, there are plenty of other ways to get hired this coming year. Adecco Argentina, a human resources consultant firm, recently published its list of the most sought after worker profiles in Argentina for 2018.

This past August, Adecco Argentina conducted an anonymous electronic study, surveying over 245 small, medium, and large companies; both local and international. The survey prompted company owners to answer questions regarding hiring positions in sectors such as IT and Telecommunications, Public Administration and Education; Manufacturing and Processes (except Technology); Agriculture and Fishing; Wholesale and Retail Trade; Finance, Insurance and Real Estate; Oil, Mining and Construction; Services; Transportation; and more.

According to the survey’s results, engineers will be in the most demanded in 2018, followed by IT and Telecommunications. Commercial, technicians, and lastly, financial profiles follow suit.

Companies listed their most important requirements for what they look for in a new employee: 49% say the professional needs to have work experience, 24% require a university or third degree, 17% prefer the staff to live close to the company, 6% look for computer use skills, and 4% seek out workers with a knowledge of languages.

When asked if they believe that employee hiring increased or decreased in comparison to 2016, companies responded with mixed results: 32% affirmed that it decreased, while another 30% believe that it increased, and the remaining 38% believe that it remained stable. After all, it depends on most companies and sectors particular experience.

5 out of 10 companies believe that the reason young people find it so hard to find jobs is due to lack of commitment. Source: La Nacion
5 out of 10 companies believe that the reason young people find it so difficult to find jobs is due to lack of commitment. Source: La Nacion

Additionally, 38% of companies consider that the employment sector is not being reactivated as some indicators point out and, while 35% believe that is actually the case. 27% preferred to not respond.

When prompted on what they thought was the reason young people find it so difficult to find jobs, the report revealed that 52 percent of companies it is a result of lack of commitment. On the other hand, 14% of companies believe that younger workers do not receive adequate training, 17% credit it to lack of experience, and finally another 17% of companies do not consider that younger people have a hard time inserting themselves into the labor force.

More than half of the companies surveyed (53%), said universities educate and provide that young professionals in general do fit the market requirements. However, 7 out of 10 Argentine companies find it difficult to match up their standards with the right personnel.

Within the survey results, the profiles with the most hiring demand for this past August were divided into sectors. For example, among manufacturing and processes (except technology), 32% of employers sought out production profiles while 22% sought out engineers. In terms of the IT and telecommunications sector, the most sought out employees are developers at 38%, followed closely by programmers at 31%. In the Services sector, financial profiles ranked at 24% while commercial profiles ranked 21%, and marketing and communications came in at 10% among companies.