Photo via La Nación

Four days from the election, data revealed that Argentines taking to the petition platform are chiefly concerned with health-related issues and economic equality. Almost 3 million people have signed health-related petitions and the most petitions launched regard creating a more just economic balance. Other issues of interest include electoral reform and the country’s future governance.

“Citizens use this platform to spearhead democratic action,” Gaston Wright, director of in Argentina, explained.

With 121,662,275 petitions signed to date, is the biggest online petition platform in the world. No requests are filtered for anything other than hate speech or abuse. You can seriously petition about anything, like these Australians who are petitioning to change the nation’s currency to “Dollarydoos” in honor of the Simpsons. Or, like Mory Ponsowy and Alejandro Drucaroff, who created a petition that would make all candidates here in Argentina sign a pledge against corruption. (Adorable, no?)

Others voicing more pressing causes are Natalia Luque, who is fighting for electronic ballots (Doc Brown would be proud), and Diego Muzio, who is pushing for mandatory presidential debates.

Let’s see the government takes any heed.

Photo via La Nacioón
Photo via La Nación