La Fundación de Investigaciones Económicas Latinoamericanas or Latin American Research Foundation (FIEL) uses “Total Basic Basket (CBT)” as its measure of income that an average adult needs to remain above the poverty line. According to El Cronista, FIEL reported that the CBT last October in Buenos Aires reached AR$ 13,968 for an average family of four members. This represents a 0.6% increase from September, and a 19.1% increase from October 2016.

“In relation to October of last year, an additional $ 2,244 pesos is required for a typical family to cover the cost of the CBT,” the FIEL report said.

The FIEL study also determined the minimum income necessary for a family to remain above the destitution line, and it calls this the “Basic Food Basket (CBA).” FIEL determined that am average porteño family needed to earn at least AR$ 6,129 in October to not be destitute. This figure is 1.2% more than what it was in September, and 19.6% higher than it was in October 2016.

 FIEL found that the CBT for an individual adult living in Buenos Aires was AR$ 4,520, and the CBA for the same adult was AR$ 1,984.