Nadia is currently in hospital, after jumping off a second-floor balcony. Photo via facebook

A 23-year-old medical student has ended up in hospital after throwing herself off the balcony of her apartment in La Plata yesterday morning. And the reason? She was trying to avoid getting raped.

Nadia Sepúlveda, originally from Bahía Blanca, could not have imagined what was coming next when a man came to the door at 9:30am yesterday claiming that he lived in the same apartment block. When she let him into the building though, he allegedly followed her up the stairs and forced his way into her apartment, where he started to hit her and pull her towards the bedroom by her hair.

According to Nadia’s brother, Pablo, she managed to free herself from her attacker’s grip, but the man locked the door so she couldn’t escape. In her state of desperation and fear, she jumped from her second-floor balcony, fearing that he was going to try to rape her.

Nadia jumped from the second-floor balcony. Photo via Google maps

Pablo also remarked to TN: “She told me that she didn’t even think about the consequences and that it was better that it had happened to her and not to Macarena, our younger sister.”

Her impulsive decision has left the young woman with various injuries, but perhaps her fate could have been worse if she hadn’t thrown caution (and herself) to the wind. She is currently in intensive care but “out of danger.”

Infobae has reported that the victim is unsure whether she will return to live in the same apartment but, in any case, she’ll be returning to her hometown for the summer as soon as she leaves hospital.

As for the alleged attacker: when neighbors heard Nadia’s screams from the apartment, they rushed to stop the man from escaping and held him until the police arrived.

The 33-year-old man, who reportedly lives in Ciudad Evita and suffers from HIV, insisted on his innocence and claimed he was a street vendor, however he was arrested anyway. For now, the case is being called an attempted robbery, but the victim’s statement will be key to determine what kind of crime the perpetrator will be charged with.