City government authorities and informal street vendors failed to reach an agreement regarding the latter’s relocation within the neighborhood of Once. Both parties will meet again during the afternoon and it is expected the government to make a new offer at 5 PM.

In order to negotiate, city authorities convinced vendors to free up two lanes of Pueyrredón avenue, which they have been blocking since yesterday after the government decided to have police forcefully remove the vendors and their stands from the streets.

Th vendors, who clashed with police yesterday, as they tried to prevent the removal of their selling space, requesting to be relocated into Plaza Miserere, the neighborhood’s emblematic square and warned that, should the Government not make an offer that satisfies them, they will block Pueyrredón in its entirety again.

The Government, however, seems pretty confident that vendors will no longer be on the streets, one way or another. While negotiations took place, City Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta presented a plan to renew the city’s public space.

The project, named “Once pedestrian,” will be carried out between Pueyrredón, Corrientes and Rivadavia, Uriburu street and Plaza Miserere’s surroundings. According to City statistics, around 250,000 people walk the area every day.

In a press release, the Government announced the plan that includes “turning normal streets into pedestrian streets, widening sidewalks and corners and overall improving the neighborhood’s commercial area by removing electric cables and restoring historic buildings.”


“We will recover this area for the residents. We want to improve and add streets where pedestrians are the priority. We want to have wider sidewalks and corners, with more green areas, new and better lighting and cables out of sight,” said about it Eduardo macchiavelli, the City’s Minister of Environment and Public Space.