Stop what you’re doing. Put down your devices. Mute any thoughts that may be happening in your head. Because something HUGE happened this week and you didn’t even realize.

One of the most famous people on Planet Earth, former Disney star come…I’m not sure what, singer maybe?, Selena Gomez, and her new beau, Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd (that guy who somehow manages to get away with singing about his enduring love affair with cocaine on commercial radio) were seen wandering the streets of Palermo.


That’s right, “Abelena”(the portmanteau designated to this most important of couplings) walking the very same quaint, dog-excrement lined streets that you do.

Abel is down south for Lollapalooza, the popular music festival taking place in the San Isidro Hipódromo this weekend, where he will do his best MJ impersonation whilst singing about the lack of meaning in what he presents as a stylishly vapid, drug-fuelled life (“I only love it when you touch me, not feel me/When I’m f*cked up, that’s the real me”)

Speaking of this weekend, Gomez seemed very happy to be in the company of hers — though it’s a miracle she could see him, given he was completely camouflaged in his faux army gear. The pair were happy to kiss, laugh and smile for the cameras, keen to convey the idea that they are “very much in love”.

Selena, who appeared to be dressed in rags on this occasion, is outrageously popular on social media, and her loyal band of fans celebrated her traipse through the streets of BA as though it were the Crossing of the Delaware.


At one moment, they stopped and looked at Abel’s phone, which generated much intrigue for fans. (What could they possibly be looking at?) Meanwhile, others speculated on where they could buy Gomez’s rag dress, shoes and sunglasses.

“This photo saved me”, wrote @RevivingGomez, in reference to a stylish, nocturnal shot of Abelena as they passed a restaurant, Selena in noble profile, and Abel gazing pensively into the distance.

This photo saved abelena stan
This photo saved abelena stan

Meanwhile, on Instagram, where Gomez is the reigning queen, selena.abelxo posted an ebullient, emoticon filled message about how happy she was to see Abelena doing well:

Swipe right to admire how cute these two are? ? I can’t stop posting cuz there’s just SOO many ??? they both looked so good yesterday and I’m in love with how happy they are?? I wonder if these two will take another trip during Abel’s break.”

A feast for the senses
A feast for the senses.

For those who would believe Abelena is a load of baloney designed to improve the careers of both…well, you’re undoubtedly correct. But the photos are cute.

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