It’s been a really good week for the gays, and though (as a group) we’ve never been known to be a bunch that takes much convincing when it comes to throwing a party, we should probably take a moment to acknowledge that this particular week has been one worth celebrating. On top of gay marriage being recognized on a federal level in the United States, and the first green card having been issued to a gay spouse, this week also brought the 44th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, which for most is cited as being the start of the gay rights movement.

So 1969, in addition to being slang for the worst foursome positioning ever, also marks the year that our gay forefathers/mothers/drag queens decided they were real over being discriminated against, and threw way more than shade at the police that were harassing them. It also happens to be the year that Argentina’s first gay rights group, Nuestro Mundo, was founded. Some argue that it was actually founded in 1967 and only started publishing material for the public in 1969, but realizing that gay political history is about as popular as carbs at a crossfit cocktail party, I’ll spare you the lecture and get to the real point at hand here – we have so many awesome things to brindar to this weekend.

In 1975, along with five other organizations, the Frente de Liberación Homosexual was founded. By 1976, the FLH was grouping 10 different organizations, including the Católicos Homosexuales Argentinos (!!), and edited the clandestine LGBT magazine Somos. Unfortunately that year also saw the rise of the bloodiest dictatorship in Argentine history, and since the homosexual community was being persecuted by the de facto government, the group was forced to dissolve.

So next time you find yourself venting about the limitations of Grindr or how bored you got with that gay club down the street, it might help to remember that your very ability to the have the gay equivalent to #whitegirlproblems came at an enormous sacrifice to people before you.

Cheers queers!

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