Photo via the Times of Israel.

The Argentine army informed this morning that there are no news in the search for the ARA San Juan submarine, which has been missing for seven days now. In a new contact with the press, Army spokesperson Enrique Balbi said that at the time being, there are “no traces” of the vessel, or its 44 crew members.

Yesterday night, some media outlets had reported that search patrols had detected a signal in the ocean, and as a result ships and planes had been sent to the area to determine whether it had come from the submarine. However, when consulted about this, Balbi said that while a sound was effectively heard, it was later ruled out that it came from the ARA San Juan.

Balbi then informed that patrol units saw three flares – two white and one orange – but can’t confirm whether they came from the vessel. “I am not able to say where the flares came from. There are a lot of fishing ships in the area. We don’t have enough information,” he said. Let’s recall that two days ago, two white flares were also spotted, but the Army spokesperson clarified back then that the submarine doesn’t have flares of that color.

Balbi went on to say that the search is in a “critical phase,” mainly due to the certain possibility of the vessel not having had the possibility to replenish its oxygen supply since it last made contact, a week ago. However, he clarified that they don’t rule out the possibility that the submarine is or could have been at the surface at some point. Unless there are breaking news, the next official update will be provided at 4 PM.

The Comodoro Rivadavia Hospital is in Sanitary Alert

Upon the possibility that the crew members are found alive near its location, the regional hospital of Comorodo Rivadavia, a city in the Province of Chubut, has declared a sanitary alert, according to a release issued by the provincial Health Ministry. This means that the hospital must be able to destine -practically – all of its resources to aid the crew members, should they reach the hospital.

Newly Surfaced Video Reveals Tense Moment Between President Macri and Family Members of the Submarine Crew

News TV show Telefe Noticias revealed yesterday that President Mauricio Macri was harshly questioned by family members of the submarine’s crew, when he went to the city of Mar del Plata to show them support. “It’s practically suicide to send them on something so old,” a woman can be heard saying, making reference to the fact that the submarine was built over 30 years ago.

“Someone has to die for something to change? Couldn’t you have invested in it before? You are not the ones losing family members. Why don’t the high army chiefs go on a submarine like that one? It’s easier to talk from where they are, but they [our family members] are the ones inside,” she added.

To this, Macri answered: “I understand perfectly but… without being an expert on the subject, I am certain, because there are also high chiefs in the submarine, not only your husband and the rest of the crew, that they are all convinced the submarine was in good conditions. It was built many years ago, but the issue is whether they have been well kept.”