Copyright Steve McCurry Studios (2007). Photo via Centro Cultural Borges.

The Centro Cultural Borges is putting 120 unreleased pictures of American photographer Steve McCurry on display until the the end of February. Which is pretty cool because this is the first time his work has been put on display in Argentina.

The exhibition, curated by Virginia Fabri, offers never-seen before pictures from the United States and Latin America, given that most of his more well known work showed countries across Asia and the Middle East, including what is perhaps his most famous picture, the Afghan Girl, one of the most iconic National Geographic magazine covers ever. Through these 120 photos in particular though, McCurry gives the onlooker a glimpse into a more united world culture at a time where we are grappling with migration controversies, humanitarian crisis after crisis and flares of endemic racism and misplaced nationalism. Just what the soul doctor ordered.

Steve McCurry, born in Pennsylvania in 1950, has been an icon of modern art himself for more than 30 years, since he crossed the border to get to Afghanistan, becoming the first to expose the brutality of the Russian invasion to the rest of the world. From then on, he built a body of work capturing conflicts, vanishing and modern cultures and ancient traditions, always focusing on the human condition. McCurry is a two-time winner of the World Press Photo contest and won, among many others, the Robert Capa Gold Medal.


Centro Cultural Borges | Viamonte 525


Now until Tuesday, February 28th

How much?

General tickets are AR $100

Tickets for students and retirees AR $80