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No plans for the weekend? Silly question. Of course you’ll be watching the football. But, if for whatever reason you aren’t planning on sitting in front of the TV and can be bothered to trek it to San Isidro, there’s a pretty quirky festival going on that might make you think twice about your carbon footprint.

Festival Consciente is taking place for the first time on Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 13th with the aim of providing a fun day out for friends and families, all the while opening our eyes to sustainability in various ways. There will be workshops of all sorts: yoga, meditation, sustainable foods, organic foods, sustainable fashion – you name it – as well as talks on trash, compost, water, climate change, renewable energies and lots of other green and pressing issues.

It doesn’t stop there. There will also be live music from 1 – 6 PM featuring a number of artists and other artsy stuff for all you creatives out there. I suggest you take a look at the schedule because it’s packed with activities and talks for all ages.

Where is it? Centro Municipal de Exposiciones (Del Barco Centenera y el Río)

When is it? Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September from 11am

You have to pay an entry fee of ARS $80 (unless you’re under 10, then it’s free). Don’t be stingy. Think of the planet.

Find your inner hippie and stay zen.