Hidden on a quaint cobble-stone street, somewhere near Palermo, you would probably stroll right passed this venue. But every Monday night, at 9 PM, La Dama de Bollini hosts a music event called “Folk You Mondays.” They are about to celebrate their 5-year anniversary, which is quite an accomplishment since this type of longevity comes once in a blue moon for independently run events in Buenos Aires.

“It usually ends around midnight, but sometimes it can go until much later” says Grace Portillo, a musician, singer, and co-host of Folk You Mondays, along with her partner Celeste Barrionuevo. The night may start off quiet, as the sound-guy preps the stage and the musicians filter in. But as soon as the music plays the entire room is packed– and in a trance.

At Folk You Mondays, you will find local solo artists, duos, and bands featured. FYM spiced it up recently by hosting an international event with musicians from various corners of the globe. Even though the night has passed, do not fret! Several of the musicians are playing during the weeks to come. Here are some people you should look out for:

María Centeno

You know those rare moments when you discover a new song, and you incessantly press “replay”? Maybe it’s esoteric– but after listening to her album just once, I guarantee you will find yourself strutting down the streets lip-syncing every lyric. From Guatalajara, Mexico, María Centeno started writing, singing, and playing her own music with a group of friends from high school. Her band, La Garfield, would practice every Friday night, and play gigs at festivals. After 3 years, La Garfield broke up. Since then, María has been pursuing music as a solo-artist after moving to Buenos Aires three months ago. After reaching out to fellow musicians and artists, María has played several shows throughout Buenos Aires at venues like La Dama de Bollini and El Club.

Find her next at:

May 16th @ Open Folk Soria 4940

May 29th @ El Club Bar Honduras 5028

Listen to her album “Violencia” on Spotify or Apple Music

Gabri Chiappini and Nedé Morend

Having only known each other 4 months, Gabri and Nedé hit it off. From Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona, the duo created a beautiful twist of Billy Holiday, the 60’s and Brasilian Zamba. Expect to sway in your seat and shimmy your shoulders as Gabri and Nedé seduce you with their music.

Find them next at:

May 20th @ Señor Duncan Av. Rivadavia 3832

Otras Chicas del Monton

You may recognize their stage name from Pedro Almodovar’s 1980’s film, “Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del monton”. These three best friends, Melina, Brenchi, and Felicitas are dressed as colorful as their personalities. Radiating the room, their harmonies are equally fierce as they are delicate. They credit their inspiration to emotions, crying, and facturas.

Find them next at:

May 23rd @ Open Folk Soria 4940

Performing at La Dama de Bollini’s event Folk You Monday’s.

And of course, do not forget to go to Folk You Mondays, every Monday. The 5-year celebration is anticipated to be mid-June. Stay tuned for updates on their Facebook page.


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