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If you live in Salta, you would be a lucky person today. Especially if your phone keeps running out of battery when you’re waiting for the bus because you forget to charge it or because you just won’t stop instagramming everything around you. And who could blame you? Salta is so pretty.

So heavy cell phone users, rejoice! There may be a solution coming thanks to local entrepreneurs Tomás Aldazabal and Francisco Enrique Beltrame, who have come up with the idea to create solar energy-powered bus stops. The two friends told La Gaceta that they decided to go after such “utopian” project in an effort to “stop thinking about solar energy as something inherently related to the farming sector and bring it to the streets” of the city.

“When it comes to energy, we’re living in a crisis. And on top of that, we’re always looking for a place to charge our phone or computers.”


La Gaceta reports that “several designs were tested against vandalism and vehicle collisions.”

“The final prototype, finished in July of 2016, is a sustainable bus stop built from recycled materials that works with solar panels and powers several USB ports and power outlets,” the site says. Aldazabal also explains that the seating area can be expanded and even a small pull-out table has been added so commuters can use their computers while they wait.

When it comes to developing a renewable energy plan, Salta is number one in the country. Residents in the province not only can produce their own energy but also be provide energy to the electrical grid. A law passed in 2014 enables private residences to produce electricity through renewable sources and contribute their unused energy to the rest of the population.

Tomás Aldazabal and Francisco Enrique Beltrame.
Tomás Aldazabal and Francisco Enrique Beltrame.