CEO & Founder

Adrian Bono (nee Royo Caldiz) is a Spanish journalist, Founder and CEO of The Bubble. He is also a host on Infobae and its video streaming network InfobaeTV, where he is featured daily providing readers with information about current events in Argentina and the region both in English and Spanish.

He was the Deputy Editor for the Buenos Aires Herald’s website, where he hosted the tongue-in-cheek online series ‘Trending Now,’ and contributed regularly on the online site of financial newspaper Ambito Financiero. He also created The Argentina Independent’s greatly popular, expat-oriented Weekly News Roundup column, which offered readers a comprehensive, sarcasm-filled summary of Argentine news from 2010 to 2013.

Adrian began working in politics as media liaison for the Spanish government in the city of Rosario, when at the young age of 18 he was tapped by the President of the Balearic government to be one of the three founding members of an NGO dedicated to the promotion and cultural development of the Balearic community in the region.

He was later hired as Marketing Director for Premula Corp., where he led the Media, Trends and Fashion departments and developed several high-profile operations in Buenos Aires and Punta del Este.

In between stints, he contributed as marketing advisor for Global Games Group in Germany and was a co-executive producer of the highly successful Extra Mile Endurathon in Buenos Aires.

Adrian was born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, and obtained his certificate in journalism from the TEA School of Journalism and a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and International Affairs from the Universidad de Palermo in Buenos Aires.

He has lived and worked in the United States and the United Kingdom and currently resides in Argentina.

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Chief Operations Manager

Emily serves as Managing Partner and COO of DCDB Group. She holds a dual Bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Political Economy from Tulane University and a Master’s degree in International Economics from American University.

Emily has worked as a project consultant and research associate for Exoventure Associates and Native American Capital. In this capacity, Emily structured public/private joint ventures that incorporated New Market Tax Credits (NMTC) and Tribal Economic Development Bonds (TEDBS) into private project financing structures. She also created fund-specific deal flow structures and executed due diligence on GreenTech and AgroTech proposals.

Emily is fluent in English and Spanish, and excels in both team leadership and in the ability to dissect and present complex projects in a concise and clear manner. She has experience in Latin America, the United States, Asia, the Middle East in petroleum and Islamic Finance, the Forex market, the derivatives market, and sovereign funds.

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Lifestyle Editor / A Maricón Life

Adam Corl is the editor of The Bubble’s lifestyle section. He also focuses on the political and social aspects of the Argentine and Latin American gay community. He is an independent researcher in Anthropology and freelance content writer who contributes regularly to online site

Previously, Adam worked on projects for various NGO’s, including Cultural Survival where he investigated the connections between large-scale development practices and violations of the human and cultural rights of Indigenous people in Colombia. He has also worked on outreach initiatives with organizations like the MALE Center and Mount Auburn Hospital, which aimed to help engage and empower members of marginalized communities through education and medical screening.

Adam was born in Cambridge, MA, and obtained his degree in Anthropology (with a focus on biological and medical Anthropology) from the University of Massachusetts in Boston, USA.

He currently resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he has become involved with projects that help feed his passion for reciprocal learning and community building.

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Host – The Bubble Podcast

Fernando Farías is a radio presenter, producer and journalist, and one of the hosts of The Bubble Podcast.

He graduated from the National Broadcasting Academy of Argentina, the ISER, and has worked in various stations in Buenos Aires including Aspen FM and Metro FM. Fer is currently in charge of one of the English-language programs of Argentina Public National Radio’s Foreign Service. In addition, he works as a newswriter and announcer for the National AM 870 news service. He also founded the bilingual show BA Cast: The Buenos Aires Podcast.

Born and raised in the Gran Buenos Aires, he was educated only in public, state-ran institutions, hence his barrio, blue-collar, keynesian-peronist-ish bias, which translates into a mild distrust towards all things Palermo, including ethnic, vegetarian and spicy food and many of the things that expats cherish like unfettered free-markets and invasive customer service (conversely he doesn’t take it well when expats criticize miga sandwhiches or local pizza).

He owes his little command of English to private weekly lessons with Mrs. Wilma (no foreign language lessons at his public school, thank you neoliberal policies) and to a time living in London but not as an expat as it’s not called that way when someone from the Third World goes to live in the First World.