It is a sad day for Argentina. As many were already counting the days to the first papal visit, it looks like we will all have to wait some more time to fawn over our most favorite pontiff ever.

Because according to the head of the Argentine Episcopal Conference, José María Arancedo, Pope Francis will not be able to visit Argentina in July, 2016, as he had originally planned.

The Pope was planning to attend the National Eucharistic Congress, which will be taking place in Tucumán around that date, but according to a recent announcement by Francis himself, he will not be able to visit his home country due to a “scheduling conflict”

“I was really looking forward to visiting,” apparently said the Pope in a letter to one of his prelates. And we believe him, since ever since he was elected the highest authority of the Catholic Church he has not been able to come visit. He also said he would keep looking for an “alternative date”.

Now, the local media is presenting us with some contradicting stories. Clarín and Infobae are saying he’s not visiting in July, but suggest he could still be coming that year. La Nación, however, says he’s not coming in 2016, period. And we’re talking about La Nación here. The only paper in the world with a PhD in all things Pope.

We’ll see what happens.