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We know, you waited a long time for Pokémon Go to come out and you still haven’t caught them all. But unfortunately we can’t have kids bounding out of the classroom as if their math assignment were on fire when charizard happens to pop up in the principal’s office. So, take note school-goers, Buenos Aires City Education Minister Soledad Acuña fully supports teachers who want to hand out warnings to kids who choose the poke-ball over the ballpoint pen.

Charizard - he's ready to fight you! Photo via photo
Charizard – he’s ready to fight you! Photo via photo

Acuña told channel A24 that each educational institution “has the autonomy and power to define their own rules regarding the use of technology” and that warnings ought to be used to “maintain the right atmosphere in the classroom” and to “respect the standards for learning.”

She went on to explain that, “We are not against technology, nor are we going to prohibit the use of mobile phones, but we are going to establish some new school rules.”

This course of action follows an incident in Córdoba Province, where a student at the National College of Monserrat was punished for bolting out of a classroom in the middle of a lesson to catch a pokémon. Following this a photo was circulated on social media, reading “this is going to become a new habit [for teachers].”

For those who came to this article to get in on the fun rather than out of concern for the young and vulnerable (Shame!), here is an explanation of how Pokémon Go works.