All those who only two weeks ago were up in arms, publicly condemning the celebration of a “yanqui” festivity such as Halloween better cover their ears unless they want their heads to explode. Because in what can only be considered a true sign of cultural defeat, this year Argentina begins celebrating Black Friday. And yes, it’s happening for real.

The first question – and moral dilemma – posed by this very article is: by writing about Black Friday, are we contributing to spreading the word about Black Friday? The sad truth is, probably yes. But since sooner or later this is going to be all over the news, we preemptively admit defeat and just go along with it.

So who’s behind the move to turn us all into willing victims of mass consumerism and zombie-shopping? Walmart, of course. According to El Cronista:

“With a delay of several decades, Black Friday, that popular American tradition of selling merchandise at a severely discounted price in a short period of time, has arrived to Argentine and on November 8, 9 and 10 we will be celebrating such event, which includes extreme discounts on products found on the aisles of Walmart and Changomás stores.”

So it’s not a nationwide thing. It’s just a Walmart/Changomas-wide thing. And what we (the media) are doing is basically free advertising. And yes, that includes us (The Bubble) too. But I’m sure it’s going to catch on. It’s only Walmart today, but in ten years it will be every freaking store covering their windows with “Black Friday 90% off!” signs even though their prices are not 90% off.

What surprises me the most is that the usual haters haven’t really spoken out against this, which is certainly more insulting than Halloween celebrations (even though it’s not even an American-born tradition.) So now you know. Black Friday is here to stay and it won’t be long before someone is crushed to death by a desperate mob ravaging through the aisles, hoping to snatch an iPhone iPad PS4 some gadget before the rest does.

The Twitter world, always edgy and sophisticated, had no choice but to make fun of it. I mean, it’s the only thing they could do anyway.

We give up.


Yet, we’re almost a first world country!


And never pass the chance to insult River Plate.


Don’t even try to analyze it, just go with it.


Thanksgiving is next.


Oh and to be fair, and after doing some heavy research (Google,) it should be noted that Posadas, in the province of Misiones, is a pioneer when it comes to celebrating consumerism Black Friday in Argentina. According to this YouTube video, the Posadas Chamber of Commerce was already celebrating it on August, 2012.

So there. Happy Black Friday.