Around three in the morning this Thursday, 26-year-old Mauricio Di Nenno was released by his captors safe and sound in Quilmes, just 10 kilometers from where he was originally kidnapped.

The kidnapping occurred last Thursday between 9:30 and 10pm at their home in Berazategui. Speaking to C5N, Di Nenno spoke about how he was in fact with his parents when he was taken, although in his own car: “We were coming home from work and two cars crossed in front of us: two guys got out from the first car. When I turned around I saw another car and one of the guys threw me into the back seat and we drove for half an hour”. His mother saw what was happening and tried to act but was threatened.

“They started to ask me how much money there was in the house, that if I told them they would let me go in half an hour. I didn’t give them any information and asked after my parents. We arrived at the place where they held me, my face covered the whole time.” he added. His parents were contacted just two hours later by the captors, originally asking for AR $100,000.

The young man described the place where he was held captive as a “three-by-three” stifling hot room with a wooden roof. He was kept in complete darkness and silence, with only three plates of food in total brought to him throughout the week; although states he was not physically harmed.

Eventually, Di Nenno was taken with his head covered and “thrown onto the grass” at which moment he said he thought: ‘You either hear the gunshot, or the car leaving.” After the captors had left him, he realised he was just 15 blocks from a cousin’s house and from there he managed to call for help.