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The 48-hour bank strike started today and in your Wednesday night, wine-addled brain, you forgot to take out enough cash to last you the weekend. But don’t panic!

The Bubble comes to your rescue with another way for you to get a hold of your pesos. Cash back services are offered by a number of supermarkets and bigger pharmacies, including Carrefour, Coto, Farmacity and YPF. This comes at no extra cost and is simply added to your final bill at the checkout.

So there you go: no need to rob your local Dia just to be able to hit up the boliche Saturday night.

The strike, which was announced earlier this week by the Banking Association (AB) trade union, is over (yep you guessed it) collective bargaining. I.e. negotiations between unions, employers and the government over annual salary increases. Banks have warned that ATMs are unlikely to be refilled until Monday, which is going to make withdrawing money a whole lot more complicated, especially in the City of Buenos Aires, which is likely to be most affected by the cash shortages.

Ultimately, the AB wants a proposal for salaries that actually takes devaluation and inflation into account; the continued inflation has pushed bank workers to try and negotiate an annual salary increase that reaches around 40 percent. Yesterday, the trade unions were offered a 24 percent increase for three months and a 28 percent increase for the rest of the year, which they refused. As a result, the bargaining will continue today.