Punta del Este, one of the most expensive vacation destinations in the region, is often frequented by wealthy businessmen and celebrities. Seeing a politician among the crowd is not that unusual of an occasion, but spotting one from the militant left prancing about with the evil oligarchs? Well that’s something you don’t see everyday.

So when Alejandro Bodart, legislator, and politician for the Workers’ Socialist Movement was spotted visiting the Uruguayan city this past weekend, his followers had something to say, with his name soon became a trending topic.

‘Take a look at Alejandro Bodart – he’s shameless, summering in Uruguay, and afterwards talking about nationalism. A disgrace.’

Bodart saw the funny side to his twitter fame, and responded in an ironic manner to the outraged tweets, shortly after posting this.

‘Spotted: Bodart is caught red-handed on holidays enjoying an exclusive bourgeois imperialist drink’.