Photo via Infobae.

This morning, beloved Newell’s Old Boys’ forward Maxi Rodríguez’s grandmother’s house was showered with bullets, ahead of a Newell’s/Central game this Sunday. The perpetrators copped off a round of nine millimeters into grandma’s home before fleeing away on a motorcycle.

This incident comes shortly after the house was tagged with the enscription “El Clásico o balas,” or “The Clásico or bullets,” in July. Newell’s ended up losing that Clásico to its greatest rival, Rosario Central (0-1). Coincidence?

Photo via La Capital.
Photo via La Capital.

It doesn’t stop there. The home of a photojournalist for El Ciudadano de Rosario, who had photographed the graffiti done to Rodriguez’ grandmother’s house, was also tagged that month, and pamphlets urging others to punish those who sympathize with Central were left behind. They eloquently left, “Don’t fuck with Newell’s.”

According to Miguel Oliva, chief of police in Rosario, the grandmother woke up to the sound of a running engine before hearing gunfire on her front gate . There were no reported injuries.

The club is currently on a seven-game losing streak, falling to 18th in the standings, which may explain the slight frustration being expressed. Sunday marks the next derby match-up between Newell’s Old Boys and Rosario Central – begging the question: What happens if Newell’s loses again?