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Smoking A Doobie Cost Two Buenos Aires State Employees Their Jobs

by . September 15, 2016

Two state employees in the Buenos Aires province municipality of Quilmes were dismissed after photos of them smoking marijuana were spread on social media, proving that even if the use of weed is increasingly socially acceptable it can still get you in trouble.

The Supreme Court has essentially ruled that no one can be penalized for the personal consumption of drugs as long as it is not done in public. Yet the law has not caught up with the reality and consumers continue to be detained.

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The two who got sacked after smoking a doobie were the director of emergency service in Quilmes and the director of a health unit were the two that got sacked.

“We don’t have the intent of meddling in people’s private matters,” said the district’s secretary of health, Miguel Maiztegui. So, basically Quilmes government employees: if you’re going to smoke weed, don’t post about it on social media. Come to think of it, that’s probably a good piece of advice for everyone.

The firings come shortly after Judge Mario Juliano caused a stir after writing a piece saying he supports his grown daughter’s decision to use and grow Marijuana. He is one of 250 judges who has signed a document titled “Judges and Lawyers for a Drug Policy That Is Respectful Of Human Rights.”

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