Cigarette prices are going up. Photo via

According tobacco company Massalin Particulares, an affiliate of Philip Morris International, cigarette prices will be going up between 9 and 12 percent starting today. That’s only a AR$3 increase on average, but check out the price breakdown below to see how this will impact your particular brand:

  • Marlboro
    • from AR$25 to AR$28 for soft packs
    • from AR$26 to AR$29 for regular packs
  • Philip Morris
    • from AR$23 to AR$26 for soft packs
    • from AR$24 to AR$27 for regular packs
  • Next
    • from AR$21 to AR$23 for soft packs
    • from AR$22 to AR$24 for regular packs
  • Benson & Hedges
    • from AR$29 to AR$32 for regular packs
  • Parliament
    • from AR$29 to AR$32 for regular packs
  • Virginia Slims
    • from AR$29 to AR$32 for regular packs