Photo via Dia a Dia

Sky Airlines, the low-cost airline that will kick-off these kind of flights from Argentina to Santiago de Chile on Thursday, will also be the first one to charge extra for any services that are additional to the plane seat, as it’s the case with most low-cost airlines worldwide.

Passengers will now have to pay an additional charge for the following services: excess luggage, sports equipment, musical instruments, having their pets allowed in with them and the ability to choose their seat. The company has also established two different ticket categories: ‘light’ and ‘plus’; with the prices varying depending on the service and time of purchase.

The ‘light’ ticket includes the possibility to bring a carry-on bag that can weigh up to 10 kilograms and a personal item. People who buy this ticket will be assigned a random seat in the plane. The ‘ plus’ one, on the other hand, includes a carry-on bag of 10 kilograms, the ability to choose the seat, a personal item and a checked baggage of up to 23kg. It also allows customers to change the date of their destination up to 3 hours before the flight without a penalty cost.

If passengers decide to purchase the “light” ticket, they will also have the possibility to buy any other service individually.

“The price of every ticket will depend on the amount of services chosen and how near in advance it is to the flight. The passenger can choose how they want to fly according to their needs. After they have chosen the category, they can add the additional services they want,” explained the company’s commercial director, Carmen Serrat, to La Nación.

The price of every additional service varies according to the moment when the passenger buys it. For example, if the client decides to buy the ticket online and pays to check-in bag at the same time, the service would cost US $16 dollars. In contrast, if the customer decided to check it in at the airport, the same service would cost US $40.

Serrat clarified that those who buy their tickets before Thursday will automatically be upgraded to the ‘plus’ tariff and receive its benefits free of charge.

Sky Airlines is a low cost Chilean airline founded in 2002 that has a fleet of 15 Airbus A320 planes. It flies from Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza to Santiago in Chile.