Bonehead move or brilliant sleuthing? Photo via Diario Hoy

You know what they say… curiosity killed the cat.

Well that’s not quite what happened in La Plata last night, but something like it.

A man was looking for his cat in an abandoned apartment when came across two skeletons lying in beds and covered by sheets. No the kind of thing you want to run into when walking into an abandoned property, for sure.

The skeletons belonged to a mother and son who died back in 2011. How no one found these decayed bodies within the past four years is beyond me, but the neighbors claimed they thought the house was abandoned. The intense flood that ravaged the city of La Plata in 2013 might have something to do with it.

The identities of the skeletons are still unknown, but the mother is said to have been over 70 years old and her son 46 at the time of their death. Investigations will be carried out to determine the cause of death but until then there’s not much else we can do but speculate.