The sixth anniversary of the Once tragedy was marked today. (Photo via Télam/ Gustavo Amarelle)

The sixth anniversary of the Once train tragedy was commemorated today with renewed cries for those responsible to face justice.

Early on February 22, 2012, a train on the Sarmiento line failed to stop when it was arriving at the Once station. It crashed into safety barriers, killing 51 people and an unborn child, injuring hundreds more.

In late 2015 a court convicted, among others, former Transport secretaries Juan Pablo Schiavi and Ricardo Jaime for irregularities that lead to the crash; they were sentenced to eight and six years of prison, respectively. Sergio Cirigliano, president of the TBA train operator, was given a nine year custodial sentence, and motorman Marcos Córdoba was sentenced to three and a half years in jail. None of those convicted in 2015 are in prison for the Once case today, as the sentences have been appealed and are under review by the country’s highest criminal court.

Former Planning minister Julio de Vido is currently facing trial for the crash.

At a ceremony this morning at the Once train station, the families paid tribute to the victims and called for the courts to uphold the convictions handed out in 2015. “Every day that goes by is another day without justice, every day that goes by without the confirmation of the sentences is another day that those condemned spend without serving time,” says a document read aloud by María Luján Rey and Pablo Menghini, parents of Lucas Menghini, who was killed in the accident.

The families accused de Vido of “knowingly failing to comply with his responsibilities to exercise control of the railway service” during his time as minister. De Vido is currently in prison on other graft charges, unrelated to this tragedy.

“We have always respected the time needed by the courts, but we’re anxiously waiting for the day when these corrupt men go to prison,” Luján Rey said.