Unhappy Animals Day, guys.

That’s right, in a strange and untimely twist on Argentina’s day of celebration for animal protection legislation (one which unfortunately didn’t make the public holiday cut), around twenty dogs have been found dead in various streets around the town of Alvear in Santa Fe.

Citizens of the river-side town are at a loss as to the motives or intentions behind the deaths. Strike of the occult? Canine Jonestown? This wouldn’t be the first perplexing case of en-masse passing for the animal kingdom, and- as we’ve said before- the Powers That Be don’t seem to be too happy with Argentina at the moment. Maybe the world just likes to watch the world burn.

The cause of death is still being investigated as samples from the deceased are taken to a Rosario lab for examination. According to local press, the dogs were found foaming at the snout; current theories include poisoning, or the ingestion of poor quality chicken which fell off a truck passing by the town.