December is historically a chaotic month in Buenos Aires. School days are over, power cuts threaten daily life, the temperature rises and on top of that, shopping for gifts switches into high gear.

According to the local press, lots of people are going to Chile for the extra long weekend, undoubtedly to leverage the four spare days to cross some names off their shopping lists. Not so fast though. Reports indicate that the wait to cross the border is coming in at more than six hours at the Cristo Redentor entry point, in Uspallata, Mendoza. Even with 16 stations open, long lines were formed early this morning under some light showers and sleet. Holiday is supposed to be miserable, but this is starting to take the cake.


Due to the heavy traffic and poor weather conditions, the National Gendarmerie suggested travellers be careful when driving through the mountain range and to expect some long wait times.

Chile has become a closer version of Argentinian-favorite shopping destination Miami, with its low prices on both clothes and electronic devices.