This woman probably didn't get into an accident after the photo was taken. Photo via

This just in: Contrary to popular belief, women are not in fact born with an automotive gene suspiciously missing from their DNA strand. As published in local media today, studies show that only one in 10 auto accidents are caused by women.

The fact that we apparently need quantitative data to debunk the unfounded, age-old myth that women are bad drivers is sad enough.

But for the sake of argument, let’s look at what the reports say.

According to a report by the Center for Experimentation and Road Safety conducted in 2015, Argentine men are involved in 75.7 percent of accident reports while women are only involved in 24.3 percent. Apparently, women show greater awareness and perception when they’re behind the wheel, resulting in a lower rate of accidents compared to men, who are more likely to speed, drive drunk and talk on their cell phone. That’s what we’re told. Men are also more likely to not wear their seat belt, turns out. Basically, based on your gender, you’re either Stanley Kowalski or Miss Manners behind the wheel.

Phoebe might be one of the ten percent, to be fair. Gif via
Phoebe might be one of the ten percent, to be fair. Gif via

Argentine drivers do, on the whole, have a reputation for fearless driving. An average of 21 people die every day in traffic accidents in the country, according to the association Luchemos Por La Vida (Fight for Life), which makes Argentina 105 out of 172 countries with the most deaths per road users. New speed limiters were introduced earlier this year to help solve this problem.

Now that this debate is settled, we have a lot more boxes to checkoff. Let’s move on to women and parking specifically, shall we, so that a swift kick to the balls can be scientifically merited when a guy so chivalrously goes out of his way to offer help to a woman parallel parking.