It shouldn’t be news that Argentina is far from a consumer paradise (what are you some kind of imperialist or something?). Regardless of what your stance on the free market is – there are just some days when some annoying bit of internationally agreed upon data gets thrown in your face.

Today is one of those days. The guys over at CommSec have come up with a hip new way of measuring purchasing power parity. I’m no Bianca Fernet but I’m pretty sure PPP is one of the ways dudes in suits measure the relative worth of a country’s currency. Instead of using some lame index based on comparing the cost of Big Macs the world over, someone at CommSec decided to switch it up a bit and substitute an iPad for hippy repellant big macs. Essentially they looked at what the real cost of an iPad was country by country as a way of seeing what each currency is worth. Turns out that inflation rates and taxes really affect the price of commodities… who knew?

Can you guess which country made it to the number one spot for having the most expensive iPad? Yup – Argentina’s numero uno (take that Brazil) for having the priciest 16 GB iPad with Wi-Fi and Retina display. According to the stats an iPad costs US$ 1,094.11 here, which is kind of cute because it retails for US$ 499 in the States.

Before you wake up the maid to start banging on pots for you tonight, rest easy knowing that Brazil is not too far behind – those dreamboats have to pay $791.40 when they want to play Angry Birds in style.

There are two positives from this story though. One, Argentina inarguably beat Brazil at something and two, pretending you don’t care about the price of consumer goods isn’t just for hipsters anymore.