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Praying for that next package to arrive safely from back home? Well, pray no more as the worldwide delivery service, Sherpals can put your mind at rest. Its mission is simple, as it helps customers get overseas products at a reasonable price with reliable and fast delivery. Started in February of last year, Sherpals has been growing fast with over 1000 customers and 300 registered couriers (AKA Sherpas) on their books.

So how does it work? It’s pretty simple:

Step 1: Find your desired product and send the link off to Sherpals.

Step 2: Sherpals will put the product up for bidding amongst its Sherpas, with the lowest offer winning the bid.

Step 3: The winning Sherpa’s price will be forwarded on for your approval. Once approved, a deposit can be made via various methods including bank transfers, Paypal and Bitcoin. When this is received by Sherpals they will contact the chosen Sherpa who will then buy the product.

Step 4: The Sherpa will carry it overseas and will meet you upon arrival, in general the location is in your neighborhood. Upon safe delivery the Sherpa will receive a code from you to unlock their payment. It’s that simple.

Wanting to jump aboard the Sherpa wagon and earn some traveling money? Register here and await a call to verify your profile. Once verified you gain access to all available orders for bidding on. With this handy way to earn a few extra bucks the cash can soon add up, with one Sherpa able to afford a New York City helicopter tour from her Sherpa spoils. 

Proceed with caution however, as it is technically illegal to bring some products over without paying custom tax in various countries, so be sure to double-check customs’ guidelines beforehand.