Handle with hair: police officers grapple with the mystery substance. Photo via infobae.com

César Rodríguez Carillo probably had dandruff on his mind rather than flakes of cocaine as he crossed the border from Argentina into Chile with 11 liters of shampoo he’d got in Neuquén Province. But as a dog sniffed out the bottles inside his car, policemen attempted to pressure Carillo into a confession for something he hadn’t done — trafficking liquid cocaine.

Carillo attempted to reason with the cops, but to no avail according to his defense lawyer, Gabriel Rouret. Having bought 11 liters of shampoo and beauty products from Mercado Libre for around US $500, Carillo obviously couldn’t understand what was going on.

The only crime here, it seems, was paying US $500 for shampoo. You better be getting seriously clean locks, pal. But the driver was locked up in a cell in Zapala for 16 days while his lawyer fought for his freedom. Finally, after retesting the products, it turned out it was genuinely shampoo and there was no cocaine after all.

The police dog's having quite a good laugh. Photo via infobae.com
The police dog’s having quite a good laugh. Photo via infobae.com

The incident happened on March 24th and has come to light since Carillo has demanded a public apology from the Argentine government.

“We are angry and upset. Nobody gave us any kind of explanation. They tested the shampoo with outdated and obsolete equipment,” Deny Cuevas, the intended recipient of the shampoo, told Clarín reporters.

They’ve also demanded their very expensive shampoo back — cocaine apparently doesn’t often come with instructions such as “lather, rinse and repeat.”

When it comes to drug trafficking, it’s a fine line for the police (no pun intended) and they face paying out damages to Carillo, who was apparently just transporting the shampoo from Argentina to a spa in Temuco, Chile.