Photo via Clarin

Perhaps humming a little Frank Sinatra to himself, former National Deputy Sergio Massa traveled up to to New York, New York to meet with former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani for a business proposition.

Giuliani has a namesake consulting and advisory firm which focuses on security.

The two signed an agreement to have their teams work together for advisory services for both corporate and government clientele. Giuliani and Massa wanted to put forth this deal in order to create a “synergy” which will facilitate easier business negotiations of both Argentine companies in the US as well as foreign companies intending to work in Argentina.

Regarding the arrangement, those in the Massa orbit stated that the meeting can be summarized as an agreement to “work toward a common goal to provide excellent services to the clients of both groups, based in confidence and collaboration, prioritizing best legal practices and transparency.”

The Bubble previously noted this possibility in November, when rumors swelled about Massa’s post-Congress plans. Giuliani and Massa struck up a friendship after Giuliani consulted in Massa’s native Tigre on security matters and Massa was Giuliani’s guest at President Trump’s inauguration last January.

In addition to this, both politicians have a history of being “tough” on crime, even though the Frente Renovador and the Grand Old Party have their differences, to say the least. However strong this difference’s may be, it seems that the two politicians have found enough common ground to keep on their growing relationship.

For more background on their bromance, read here – and stay tuned.