Rudy Giuliani and Sergio Massa together again

Two colorful characters pressed suits, as recently anointed Cyber Security Advisor to Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and ‘Renewal Front’ deputy, Sergio Massa, met in Washington on the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Perhaps slightly more peripheral than either would like be (Giuliani wanted to be Secretary of State in Trump’s administration and Massa would rather attend public events as Argentine President), the pair discussed “security” and “prevention” in Giuliani’s “transition” team.

Giuliani and Massa first met each other in 2013, when Massa, then mayor of Tigre, invited North America’s most famous disciplinarian to Tigre to give a talk on ‘security’. A friendship appears to have blossomed, because Giuliani invited Massa to his New York office the following year.

During yesterday’s meeting, the pair discussed a program that would involve boosting “security and prevention” in Chubut and the bonaerense districts of Tigre, San Fernando and Pilar, according to the Renewal Front team.

They were joined by Jorge D’Onfrio, Leader of the Renewal Front Caucus in the Senate, and other Renewal Front team members, Martín Redrado and Graciela Camaño.

D’Onfrio, who apparently organized the get together, took the opportunity to present Giuliani with his book, Argentina Against The World (kind of like receiving a homemade sweater from your aunt for Christmas) D’Onfrio said that the point of the encounter with Giuliani was to learn about “fighting against crime and narco-trafficking,” as well as “economic development and education.”