A third of the Senate's seats will be renewed on December 10. Photo via senado.gov

In a special session presided over by outgoing Vice President Amado Boudou, 24 senators who will begin their terms on December 10 were sworn in this afternoon. They were joined by four others who were not elected like the 24 but chosen by their respective parties to replace former senators who have now gone on to take executive office.

And because there’s never a dull moment in Argentine politics, not even in a ceremony so boring it would put a kid with ADD to sleep, two elected Victory Front (FpV) legislators decided to express their never-ending love for their country by swearing not on the Constitution, as tradition dictates, but on Néstor and Cristina Kirchner.

“I swear on Néstor and Cristina,” said Senator Ana Almirón of Corrientes Province.

Not to be outdone, Senator Anabel Fernández of Mendoza Province also improvised her own swearing-in declaration:

“I swear on the people of Mendoza and Néstor Kirchner,” she said.

Moving on.

Federico Pinedo Will be the Senate's provisional President. Photo via genfm
Federico Pinedo Will be the Senate’s provisional President. Photo via genfm

Elections for the Senate’s provisional president and other offices also took place today even though they normally happen in late February before the legislative year begins. The reason for this is that President-elect Mauricio Macri is expected to call extraordinary sessions when he takes office on December 10.

After an agreement reached between the FpV and Cambiemos, it was decided the Senate’s next provisional presidency would go to PRO’s Federico Pinedo. The question about who would take this office had taken the spotlight during the last few days since the FpV — using its large majority in the Upper House — could’ve placed a partisan legislator as the third person in line for the presidency, were Mauricio Macri and Gabriela Michetti to die in a horrific accident.

Predictably, this was something Cambiemos was not crazy about. But to guarantee a smooth transition, at least when it comes to this, the current ruling party conceded to give the position to a member of Cambiemos.

“We understand the gesture and the generosity that they showed. They could’ve done something else and we appreciate it,” said Vice President-elect Gabriela Michetti, who is also set to be the next President of the Senate.

As part of the same agreement, FpV’s Gerardo Zamora was elected as the chamber’s provisional Vice President, while Juan Carlos Marino and Carlos Reutemann will be next in line.