In case you live under a rock and this is brand new information for you, Mendoza will turn into a bit of a warzone today.

Indeed, at 9 PM today the Estadio Malvinas Argentinas in Mendoza will host the 2018 Supercopa finale, where the last winners of the Championship and the Argentine Cup compete for national domination (yes, we take football that seriously.)

The match is a pretty big deal then, and River Plate and Boca Juniors, arguably the biggest Argentine teams, will be playing each other for the first time after 40 years. If this doesn’t tell you how huge it is, maybe taking a look at the security put in place for the event will.

In a security press conference (yes, they had to hold a press conference for it), the National Director for Security in Football Events (yes, they have an organization for it), Guillermo Madero, told the press that more than 1,500 members of the armed forces will be in charge of the 40,000 hinchas (football fans). They will be coming from the Mendoza Police, Private Security Organizations, the Border Patrol (or Gendarmería), the Federal Police, and the “Safe Stands” program.

Security will also be assured by diverse technological means, such as DNI recognition and fingerprints, to ensure that no stadium-banned fans step foot on the site. Many cameras will also be identifying and hunting down all the hooligans, thanks to high-tech facial recognition software.

We don’t play around when it comes to sports, apparently. Geez.

The security detail, however, comes second regarding the “how over the top can you go” award, with the media taking first place: Guillermo Madero tried to calm things down by saying how they “shouldn’t forget than it’s just a football match” and how “life goes on,” but it’s a lost cause.

The Argentine media will and is already going way too far for this event; sports news channel Fox Sports, for example, started their coverage of the match at ten in the morning, even though the match is starting around 11 hours after that.

But Fox Sports still has something to learn from TN’s “Toda Pasión,” who contacted an astrologist to guarantee that the stars were aligned in Boca’s favor. So, yeah, this is what sports does to some people.

On an unexpected turn of events, even the Rock himself, Dwayne Johnson, had something to say about the Superclásico. Using the match as a pretext, he saluted the hinchas of both teams while placing, between two sentences, some clips of his new movie Rampage, which seems to have the quality of a classic The Rock movie.

Tévez summarized it well: “I am a fan first and a player second. There is no doubt to me about that.”
The match means a lot to the players and the fans; since as we said, it’s the first time River Plate and Boca Juniors will play a finale against each other since 1976, and the first time the fans will be able to see both teams on the pitch since May 2015. In Argentina, visiting fans are no longer allowed in stadiums during championship matches; the only way to see fans from other teams is during national cups.
River and Boca fans haven’t seen each other during a match for three long years, but the wait is over, and it’s sure to make the headlines – one way or the other.
Moreover, none of the two Buenos Aires teams have managed to win the Supercup (created in 2012), despite both of them having made it to the finale in separate occasions, 2012 and 2015 for Boca, and 2014 and 2016 for River.
In fact, there’s so many fans already in Mendoza or arriving there that the Boca Juniors team has been nice enough to post the map to Mendoza on Twitter – that’s how intense the invasion is.
Worst case scenario, you can always rush there, Dimitris Kyrsanidis’ style, the parkour athlete that decided to prove that public transportation is for the lazy and ran/jumped/climbed from the Monumental (River’s stadium) to the Bombonera (Boca’s stadium) in a five minute video that will blow your mind and remind you of how out of shape you are.