In a characteristically bold move by Scioli — just hours prior to the scheduled search of the company Aerorutas as part of the investigation into Scioli’s suspected use of public funds to pay for flights on private planes during his presidential campaign — Scioli boarded a private plane belonging to that very company bound for Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Scioli boarded a Learjet 60 LV BZJ on Wednesday night, around 9pm, from San Fernando via Manaus heading to Punta Cana.

To make matters worse for himself, Scioli decided to bring along 28 year-old model and former ShowMatch dancer, Gisela Berger, among several other passengers on the $80-$90 million jet.

Caught on what looks like a video filmed on a mobile phone, the former governor of Buenos Aires is shown accompanied by Berger at the wedding party of the daughter of one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the Caribbean coastal city; so much so that he is reportedly often referred to as the ‘owner of Punta Cana’.

Video of Scioli and Berger at wedding party in Punta Cana. (Photo via TN)
Video of Scioli and Berger at wedding party in Punta Cana. (Photo via TN)

It comes as no surprise therefore that it was no modest party, with Don Omar – one of the most famous Latin artists in recent years – as one of the performing acts.

According to the report issued by Álvaro Garganta, the official heading the investigation, the Province of Buenos Aires contracted 25 trips with the airline that Scioli made during his presidential campaign, allegedly using State money.

The company Aeronautical Service and Undertakings (S.A.), owned by Gustavo Carmona, is also suspected of having participated in fraudulent operations. Former head of Scioli’s cabinet, Alberto Pérez, was apparently in charge of processing these transactions and is therefore also under investigation and currently unable to leave the country.