Even though the official website for the Santa Fe primary elections announced the initial count was fully completed, it surfaced today that around 10% of the votes haven’t been counted yet, so we may experience some changes in the names topping the lists.

Even though the primaries’ actual objective is to select a sole candidate for those parties who want to unify their votes, it also provides a rather important poll of the political atmosphere, so a change in the potential winner could also mean a change in next weeks’ strategy.

According to the official site, 65.86% of the electorate cast their votes and the final result showed PRO candidate and former entertainer Miguel Del Sel won with 481,278. Socialist Frente Civico y Social party came second with 475,785 ballots, that number being the sum of of Runner up Miguel Lifschitz and Miguel Barletta’s votes. Kirchnerite Frente Justicialista para la Victoria’s Omar Perotti finished in third place with 327,126.

But on Tuesday, Télam revealed government official José María Velázquez admitted that the votes of 807 of the total 7,628 caches of votes weren’t taken into count by the official site when the results were published. Velázquez explained “the results of 657 caches are still unknown”. According to the official, the telegrams announcing these results couldn’t be processed. (Apparently people still use telegrams).

An estimated 180,000, or 10% of the votes, are still to be counted in an election where the PRO candidate got the first place in the tentative governor race by 5.493 votes. This might mean changes in local Congress and local positions as well, as every vote holds greater importance when the pools get smaller.

The definitive count will begin tomorrow and hopefully deliver the final results in the following days, which will mark the beginning of the final sprint before the actual elections take place in less than two months.