This is terrible.

An 87-year-old woman died in a San Juan hospital after a nurse accidentally injected a lethal dose of milk into her IV drip, police sources said.

The woman, identified as Pabla Molina, died yesterday in the Almirante Brown hospital in the San Juan province. Molina had been hospitalized last May 21st with pneumonia and her health was allegedly improving, but a mistake last Wednesday by one of the nurses ended up killing her. According to investigators, the nurse accidentally administered an intravenous drip filled with milk, mistaking the feed drip with the blood drip, an error that turned out to be fatal for Molina, who died four days later.

Molina’s daughter, Sonia Gutiérrez is pressing charges against the nurse and forensic authorities have said that Molina’s body will not be buried until a proper investigation is conducted.

You know what’s worse? The incident bears an eerie similarity to another case that took place in Brazil last year.

(Story via Diario de Cuyo, Photo via Wikipedia)